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The Henry County, Ohio, Historical Society

Historically Speaking

June 2014

       Welcome to this month’s edition of “Historically Speaking” sponsored by the Henry County Historical Society.

       We can’t hand out enough thank yous to everyone who supported our Strawberry Festival! We fought off the raindrops, and it ended up being a beautiful day.  Thank you one and all!

       July is right around the corner and we have a lot going on.  A reminder, the History Detectives will be presenting their programs the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.  Their talks are being held in the cool comfort of the Bloomfield House.  Don’t forget to also visit the Carriage House Museum and enjoy a wonderful display depicting Napoleon’s 180 years.

       It’s summertime and that means garage sales!  Be sure to mark Thursday July 10th on your calendar and join us at the Bloomfield House for our porch and gazebo rummage sale. No, we’re not selling the porch or the gazebo, but we will have a grand array of goodies at the right price just for you.  Be sure to stop in from 9-5 and see what treasures you can take home with you.  There will be no early sales.

       The last three Sundays in July, the 13th, 20th and 27th, we will be featuring a new display we’re calling the “Lost Arts.”  Many of you may have a treasured piece that is handmade and has been handed down through your family.  Maybe you remember your grandpa carving a simple figurine out of a block of wood.  Or perhaps you watched your mom quilt, or maybe you made a cross stitch jar in 4th grade as a Christmas present for your parents. Did you follow in the footsteps of your parents and grandparents by learning the craft and teaching it to your children?  In today’s busy world, many people have not picked up on the talents of our forefathers.  We will give you a chance to see some of the wonderful handmade treasures you may have forgotten about.  Join us at the Bloomfield House and see handmade items from the Bloomfield as well as personal items from some of our members.  You’ll be able to see examples of huck toweling, basket making, quilting, tatting, cross stitch samplers, needlepoint and more.  Relive wonderful memories, and bring your children and grandchildren—who knows, maybe we’ll be able to tap into their creativity!  This event is free so we hope to see you there!

       *Today’s look back at Napoleon’s history involves Goosetown, or as it is known today, East Riverdowns.  Something you may not have known, Goosetown was the original plat of Napoleon.  And yes, there were geese and ducks in the area.  Napoleon/Goosetown was located on the left bank of the canal and became the most thrifty and enterprising city on the Maumee, according to Samuel Edwards.  People like Joseph Rostetter and Ola Hess grew up in Goosetown, got married by Mayor Rieger in Goosetown, and settled in Goosetown.  Goosetown also had its own newspaper, “The Goosetown Growler.”  James B. Hudson was the editor and publisher, seeing to it that the paper was published “every once in a while.”  While Mr. Hudson enjoyed keeping the spirit of Goosetown alive and well with his publication, he also owned a gun shop.*  Don’t forget to buy today’s edition of the Northwest Signal for pictures.

       We hope you enjoyed today’s edition of “Historically Speaking” sponsored by the Henry County Historical Society. We also hope you take advantage of all the July events, and as always thank you for helping us keep history alive.

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The Henry County Historical Society was formed in 1970 to perpetuate the history of Henry County, Ohio, to learn about and preserve the artifacts of the county, and to generate interest in the past of the county. Our primary focus at this time is the completion of the restoration work on the beautiful Dr. John Bloomfield Victorian home, built circa 1879. This house is located at the corner of West Clinton and Webster streets in downtown Napoleon, across from the Napoleon Public Library. The house has been completely restored and is decorated with authentic period furnishings. Work is in progress on the carriage house and gardens. The home is open for special events, educational programs and private tours. We welcome new and old members alike to lend a hand and help us in our many programs and activities.



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