Officers and Trustees

The Henry County Historical Society is responsible for maintaining historic buildings at three locations, and is currently in the process of cataloging all the artifacts that are on display at those facilities or are being used as part of our Traveling Trunk program.

To carry out its work, the Historical Society is split into 7 active committees and 2 ad hoc committees. Preservation, while falling under the auspices of the Preservation Committee, has its own page because of the huge scope of the work involved in the preservation task.

Officers for 2017-2018 Fiscal Year



President Tom Jenny
Vice-President Jean Steele
Secretary Sue Bockelman
Treasurer Janice Knepley
Postal address
Henry County Historical Society
P.O. Box 443
Napoleon, OH 43545
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Board of Trustees:

Trustees elected in 2015 for a 3 year term until 2018:

Trustees elected in 2016 for a 3 year term until 2019:

Trustees elected in 2017 for a 3 year term until 2020:

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