Award-Winning Historic Driving Tour of Henry County, Ohio

Four county historical societies have combined efforts to compile this self-guided map of historic sites. Museums/meeting places for each organization are noted on the map, serving as locations for more historical information. The Ohio Historical Society in September 2001 recognized the organizers of the tour by presenting them an Ohio Historic Preservation Office Award (photo at right).

Feel free to start your tour at any place along the route, and visit our history museums along the way. Donít forget to pack a picnic lunch or stop at one of Henry Countyís fine restaurants along the way.

* Please note that trespassing on private property to view historic sites could subject you to civil and/or criminal liability.

The sponsors of this tour entertain editorial revisions, historic accuracy corrections and site additions for future publications of this map, and can be contacted below.

Map Sponsors for Year 2001 Version:

  • Bartlow Township Historical Society and Museum
    P.O. Box 131, 115 West Main Street, Deshler, OH 43516
    Contact for tours and meeting times: Millie Powell (419)278-7256
  • Hamler Heritage Society and City Hall Museum
    Corner of S.R. 109 & Marion Streets, Hamler, OH 43524
    Contact for tours and meeting times: Sandra Honemann, 535 S. First St., (419)274-7194
  • Henry County Historical Society
    Museum at County Road M, west of County Road 7, Grelton, OH
    open 2nd Sunday April - Dec. 1-4pm.
    Log Cabin, Henry County Fairgrounds, open during County Fair.
    Victorian House Museum, 229 W. Clinton St., Napoleon, OH opening in 2001.
  • The Liberty Center Historical Society and Depot Museum
    P.O. Box 106 106 North Damascus St., Liberty Center, OH 43532
    Contact for tours and meeting times: John Swearingen, Jr., (419) 533-2845
  • Malinta Community Historical Society and Depot Museum
    P.O. Box 41114 North Henry Street, Malinta, OH 43535
    Contact for tours and meeting times Jeff Sharp (419) 264-6155