Historical Markers Installed by the Historical Society

    A Napoleon Company donates one plaque a year to the Henry County Historical Society to allow us to recognize public historic sites in Henry County. Past sites are 1999-Oak Tree (Washington Twp.), 2000-Giffey Hall (Ridgeville Twp.), 2001-West Hope Bible Church (Richfield Twp.), and 2002-Sacred Heart Church (Pleasant Twp.).

    In addition, the Henry County Historical Society a number of years ago placed a plaque on the United Methodist Church in Florida, Ohio, which is the oldest continuous congregation in Henry County.

Oak Tree,
near Texas, Ohio
(planted by Native Americans)
Giffey Hall,
Ridgeville Corners, Ohio

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church,
New Bavaria, Ohio
Westhope Bible Church,
Westhope, Ohio

United Methodist Church,
Florida, Ohio
Camp Latty Historical Marker, Napoleon, Ohio Marker Dedication