Past Christmas Open House and Home Tour Events

December 11, 2005

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The first annual "Homes for the Holidays" home tour featured four beautiful homes in Napleon's historic old west end. In addition, the Dr. John Bloomfield Home was decorated for the holiday season and served as the meeting point, where the tickets were sold and refreshments for attendees were available. Tickets were $10 each for members and non-members alike, with half-price ticketes avaiable for children 12 and under.. The homes selected for this year's tour were (click on a photo to enlarge it):

Aller / Beck / Germann / Klingler Home
404 West Washington Street
Hosts: Shane and Heather Klingler

This home, along with the other three homes featured on this year's "homes for the holidays" was originally built as a large one family home, but was later converted into a duplex, and now is restored as a gracious family home. This home was built in 1896 for Fred Aller, a partner in the Heller-Aller Windmill Factory. A collection of memorabilia pertaining to Mr. Aller and the Heller-Aller windmill business is on display collected by Shane Klingler, the current homeowner. The house had been converted into a duplex in 1946 as Shane found newspapers, dated 1946, stuffed into a doorway that had been closed off and was reopened during the recent remodeling process.
The style of this house was typical of the larger homes built at the turn of the century and it features beautiful examples of woodwork and leaded glass.

Shane is a chiropractor associated with the Defiance Clinic and Heather is a live newscaster at Fox Toledo TV. They bought the home in 2004 and are very happy living in Napoleon.

Floral arrangements: Ivy League Florist & Design Studio, Napoleon

Wendt / Herman / James / Schwaiger Home
431 West Washington Street
Hosts: Randy and Tammy Schwaiger

This extremely large home had, at one time, been divided into duplex apartments. From 1952 to 1989 it served as the dental office for Robert G. Herman, DDS. The house had been owned by Mrs. Herman's mother, Irene Wendt. The Herman family made this their residence during much of this time.

It is currently the home for Randy and Tandy Schwaiger, son Chad, and three-year old daughter, Spencer. Randy is the co-owner and manager of the family business, River City Bowl-a-Way and Tandy is a stay at home mom. They have owned their home since 2000.

The second floor has four large bedrooms, a walk-in closet and two full baths. On the third floor is a huge family entertainment room.

Please note the "fish scales" and the dentil detail on the exterior gables of this century old home.

Many of the wooden pieces of oak furniture were purchased at Lange's Antique Oak, Hamler, as gifts to Tandy from Randy.

Decorations and accents: Tandy Schwaiger with assistance by Sara Seigneur Designs

Harrison / Speiser / Babcock / Wesche Home
516 West Washington Street
Hosts: Greg and Mary Wesche
Here again this home, as the other three homes on today's tour, had been a single family home and then remodeled into apartments or duplex and now has been converted back into a comfortable home for Greg and Mary Wesche and their teenagers, Gretchen and Sam. The Wesche family have lived here for 16 years and say that it is an ongoing project of restoration work, but they love it.

This is a fine example of a four square type of construction which was popular a century ago and features the wide front porch and the dormer windows at the attic level.
The newel post for the open stairway in the entry was found out back in the barn while they were remodeling the home.
The home is filled with many, many unique collections and clever artifacts displayed by Mary.

Mary has been the French language teacher at Napoleon High School for 30 years and Greg is the Government and Special Ed teacher at Four County School. Mary has conducted numerous tours of France for students and for adults.

Seasonal decorations and accents: Wesche family collections

Reiger / Downey / Patterson / Westhoven Home
714 W. Washington Street
Hosts: Randy Cooper and Jenell Westhoven
(This is a restoration project in progress)
This home was built in 1897 for Frank and Anna Fisk. Anna Fisk was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Thiesen, owners of Thiesen Lumber Company, and who built the home next door at 704 W. Washington. This home features quarter sawn oak in the entry, cherry wood work in the front parlor and the dining room with the pocket doors faced with matching / companion wood trim. Please note the unusual detailing of the woodwork and the fretwork here on the first floor.

Judge Reiger and his family lived here in the 1940s and 1950s. Then in 1959, Bob and Pat Downey became the owners and moved in with their five daughters and three sons. In 1975, local historian and antique dealer and collectors, Russell and Marlene Patterson, acquired this magnificent home and lived here until it was sold to Jenell Westhoven and Randy Cooper in 2005.

This is a fine example of the Queen Anne style of architecture which was extremely popular during the Victorian era and the couple's plans include several colors of paint for the exterior.
This is truly a "work in progress" project for Randy and Jenell and the house has received much attention due to the recent repairs to the foundation, front porch, and exterior painting.

Floral and seasonal accents: Cattails Floral Designs, Napoleon