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This page is my go-to test page.

2015 Garden Tour - For information about the homes that were featured in the 2015 Garden Tour, please visit our webpage HERE.
2015 Garden Tour Writeup - Country Garden Tour 2015 Saturday, July 11, 2015 Napoleon, OH 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Rain or Shine $10.00 donation to see all six gardens. Tickets may be purchased at each garden site. We would encourage car pooling, if possible, as some of the sites have restricted parking availability All proceeds support the Henry County Historical Society, […]
Okolona - The Henry County Historical Society was formed in 1970 to perpetuate the history of Henry County, Ohio, to learn about and preserve the artifacts of the county, and to generate interest in the past of the county. Our primary focus at this time is the completion of the restoration work on the beautiful Dr. John […]
Elery, Ohio - Elery, Ohio   Herrtown or Elery as it is usually called now, had more business places years ago. There were 2 grocery stores, one near the Monroe Twp. House, operated once by a man named Vogel. It closed years ago — 60 yrs.? Probably more. The other one just east of the R.R. track closed […]
Valentine Tea - February 14, 2018, 1:30 p.m. Dr.John Bloomfield Home & Museum 229 W. Clinton St. Napoleon, OH Enjoy a Victorian tea, featuring Harney & Sons Valentine Blend and a selection of scones, tea sandwiches and desserts. $18 donation Seating is limited. RSVP to Lois at lzhanna@yahoo.com or 419.966.6781
Voigt, Louis - Undated. Interviewer unknow. My name is Louis Voigt, I am the grandson of Fred Voigt, the proprietor of the resort at Girty’s Island back at the turn of the century. Now Dorothy Memmer, my next door roommate is the daughter of Winnie Voigt Zachrich who was also a daughter of Fred Voigt. Fred Voigt was […]
Weddelman, Ida - Interviewed by Charlotte Wangrin, June 6, 2004 IW: I’m 96 years old. CW: That was a long time ago that you were born. IW: Yes. 1906. CW: 1906. Do you remember anything about your childhood or youth? IW: Well, My mother died when I was a couple days old. CW: Oh, really? What did she […]
Wangrin, Charlotte - A Recollection (Wallpaper Project, February 27, 2002) This would have have occurred before 1929. My sister and I were the only children in our family. We loved to go to Grandma’s house in the country. She would get us up early in the morning and we’d take the dog and go down to get the […]
Simmons, Julie - Interviewed by Charlotte Wangrin, February 28, 2002, Henry County Senior Center CW: Tell me about yourself? I came along as a young girl pretty rough in life but I loved school. I always loved to read. You could always find me with a book in my hands. When I was a kid I had brothers and […]
Spangler, Mary - [Editor’s note: this oral history includes a written family history.] Interviewed by C. Wangrin I’m Mary Spangler; my husband is Eldon Spangler. His parents were Grover Cleveland Spangler and Clara May Spangler. . . . (a lot of geneological data omitted here) When we were first married we lived in a trailer on Rt. 5 […]